Our Buyerplan® software is designed to meet the needs of merchandisers, buyers and product developers in garment and general merchandise retailers. The excellent record of successful and profitable use of Buyerplan is built upon the four aspects of the solution that is delivered. The managed service components are vital to ensure that users become and remain committed to the system. Foremost of these is the timely availability and quality of Support that is highly regarded by all of our users.


Advanced and comprehensive, yet clear, relevant and easy-to-use.

We concentrate on two things when designing software. Firstly, we aim to solve real business issues by addressing the planning process and requirements that are found in most modern retailers. Secondly, by insisting on flexibility and clarity, we ensure that users will embrace the system and use it enthusiastically.


Specialist retail planning skills gained by extensive experience.

At Decision Systems, we have the appropriate blend of skills needed to deliver workable and attractive solutions. Our retail planning experience has been gained at senior levels in major UK retail companies. This combines with a record of over 25 years’ successful decision support system design, execution and support.


Process review and advice as well as effective training.

Our expertise and experience means that we are in a position to offer soundly based advice about planning in general as well as the specific use of the software. We are able to fully understand the particular requirements and tailor the solution accordingly. By talking your language and working alongside you we are able to improve the planning process not just automate it.


Knowledgeable and responsive assistance always there for you.

In almost all cases the telephone will be answered by an experienced person who is able to help you. There are no recorded questions or time-consuming call logging. On-line diagnosis and assistance means that most problems are dealt with there and then. If this is not possible, we will provide rapid access to software designers.

What makes the difference?

Our close working relationship with our clients and our small team approach continually results in successful implementations of Buyerplan. Our senior people continue to have close involvement with the development of the software and with the topical issues arising at each of our clients.

The Buyerplan modules have been designed to be flexible, easy to understand and manageable. By concentrating on our core competencies we have developed a depth of expertise that is reflected in the functionality of the software and in the quality of our support services.