What Is Merchandise Planner?

Buyerplan Merchandise Planner is an essential tool for financial control, stock and open to buy management. It is an easy to use yet comprehensive “WSSI” solution that is in daily intensive use by merchandising teams at our client retailers.

WSSI systems are standard in most retail companies but are often difficult to use and time-consuming to set up and administer. New users of Merchandise Planner often comment on its relative simplicity and practicality. The combination of pre-season planning and in-season reforecasting, together with an extremely flexible approach to data viewing results in an attractive solution to this important requirement.

The usual data elements of Sales, Stock, Markdown and Intake/Commitment are easily expressed in value, units, cost and margin terms and are typically managed by product, time and seasonality. Other dimensions are simply accommodated together with alternative hierarchies, such as brand and those supporting seasonal and financial calendars.


  • Sales Planning and Re-forecasting

    Plan sales pre-season and reforecast in-season.

  • Open to Buy Management

    Flexibly set target stock levels and calculate open to buy.

  • Seasonality Planning

    Plan seasonal, continuity and old merchandise separately.

  • Profit and Volume Planning

    Enter sales margins and average selling prices to calculate profit and units.

  • Multi-channel Planning

    Plan individual channel sales and stock.

  • Line Planning

    Manage individual key/core lines within the Line WSSI facility.

  • Flexible Views

    Use the drag and drop facility to create different data views.


  • Time saved and early availability due to automated weekly actuals updates and new plan creation.
  • Guaranteed consistency of all data as any input is spread and consolidated across all dimensions.
  • Improved control of stock levels and intake timing leading to higher sales and less markdown.
  • Excellent user acceptance due to its familiar and easy-to-use approach.

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