What Is Supplier Interaction?

Buyerplan Supplier Interaction is a key tool in the quest for fast fashion and on-time deliveries. With a speedy single channel for sending and receiving data it enables process co-ordination and gives one visible source of status information. It can dramatically reduce the delays and miscommunication that can impact significantly on profitability.

Supplier Interaction is a web-based system, which allows the ‘instant’ exchange of information between buyers, merchandisers and suppliers worldwide that is so vital to the product development process. All information is entered once and exchanged, avoiding the re-keying into multiple documents that exacerbates errors and extends lead times. The application can be used as a standalone web-based application or information can be shared with Line Planner.

The application’s intuitive and extensive garment technology facilities make it a strong contender to be the main system supporting this specialised function within a clothing retailer.


  • Status Dashboard

    Shows the up-to-date situation and the processes requiring action.

  • Design Process

    Has open cost form and sample progress tracking.

  • Document Transfer

    Allows various documents and forms to be uploaded and shared.

  • Critical Path Management

    Monitors key actual dates against plan with traffic light indicators.

  • Quality Process

    From creating garment specification through fits and seals to production specifications.

  • Summary Reporting

    View and print sample progress and critical path reports.

  • Safe and Secure Communication

    Use a single reliable channel that controls and authorises access.


  • All data is in one place and visible to all, saving time, effort and cost.
  • Problems can be identified earlier, so fewer mistakes are made that can’t be fixed.
  • More deliveries made on time so fewer sales lost or higher freight costs incurred.
  • A more controlled and calm operation that can improve relationships with suppliers.

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