What Is Line Planner?

Buyerplan Line Planner enables ranges to be built by entering all proposed line details and to be continually monitored against the financial and range structure targets created in Assortment Planner. It contains both the range planning and PLM facilities typically used by informed retailers.

The application provides a single visible repository for all the widely varied information required as a line moves through the selection process and into production. Its journey is controlled by updating its status from Development through to Contracted. The range can be filtered by Status to assess progress and by many other attributes to ensure it is balanced.

All the key buying targets calculated set in Assortment Planner are automatically updated so as new lines are entered the latest position is compared to the range targets at the various levels of the product hierarchy. The ‘open cost form’ allows both supplier and landed cost information to be entered and buy margins calculated. Images may also be assigned to individual lines and image reports that enhance the Buying process are readily available.


  • Attribute Planning

    All attributes can be planned by editing the previous season’s profile.

  • Fabric Maintenance

    Fabric details may be created and assigned to lines.

  • Packaging & Presentation

    Packaging templates can be created and assigned.

  • Product Images

    Add images to lines to see visual representation of proposed ranges.

  • Progress / Critical Path Management

    Track and control all production critical path dates.

  • Order Planning and Deliveries

    Calculate order details and phase deliveries

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Specific reports that add value and easy extracts to Excel.


  • The single source for all key buying data provides both visibility and consistency.
  • Continual monitoring against range targets makes it much more likely that they will be achieved.
  • All product and order data can be interfaced to ERP systems to save time rekeying and reduce errors.
  • It enables greater control of the buying process leading to more profitable ranges and fewer delivery delays.

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