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Headquartered in South Manchester, centrally placed to support businesses across the UK, Decision Systems is a specialist supplier of retail planning applications to fashion and general merchandise retailers that has been operating for over 25 years. We are now the only significant independent UK-based supplier of such software and services.

Martin Collins founded the company and remains its Managing Director. With a strong background in decision support and experience as a director of the software arm of a FTSE 100 company, Martin applied his skills to merchandise planning in the retail industry using the then emerging PC-based techniques and technology and created the Buyerplan WSSI system.

The first retailer to adopt Buyerplan was Next. Our client base grew as merchandisers who had moved to other retailers wanted to continue using the system they had found so useful previously. It wasn’t long before we added George Clothing, Boots and Mothercare to the client list. Such recommendations by satisfied users have remained an important factor in the growth and success of our business.

Our focus has always been to deliver highly pertinent and fully usable business solutions using the appropriate technology. We have achieved this with teams who have stayed together over the years. Our strong product development team have seen the product move through various implementations reflecting the changes in retail as well as major developments in technology. Our customer support team have developed extensive knowledge and experience in providing a high support level to end-users and their technical colleagues.

“The focus has always been to deliver highly pertinent and fully usable business solutions using the appropriate technology.”

George Davies has always been a strong advocate of Buyerplan, utilising the software at Next, George, Per Una and now FG4.

In 1998 Geoff Bunney joined the company as Principal Consultant. As an early adopter and experienced end-user of Buyerplan he was ideally placed to play a leading role in designing new capabilities for the software. Geoff was a founder member of both Next and George Clothing and has deep experience of merchandising that he calls upon to advise and train users.

George Davies has always been a strong advocate of Buyerplan utilising the software at Next, George and Per Una at M&S. His belief in our system continues with implementation at his new business FG4, which is now established as a successful retailer in the Middle East.

With a strong focus on delivering the best customer experience, much of the current Buyerplan functionality has been developed with the active feedback from both buyers and merchandisers at companies using the system and other prominent UK retailers.

Going forward, we will continue to develop our products with an eye on both market and technology developments, but most importantly recognising the changing needs of our users.


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