What Is Assortment Planner?

Buyerplan Assortment Planner offers a simple and flexible approach to financial, store and product planning. The application has been designed to deliver a financially sound range that is either space or rate-of-sale driven. It promotes greater option control, reduced markdowns and increased profitability.

The application integrates the financial planning necessary to formulate a buying budget with the store planning needed to calculate the grade option structure. Data may be entered at any level of the product or store hierarchy and it is then automatically consolidated or spread down.

A key objective is to calculate the proposed width and depth of each range and this can be achieved for multiple phases and grades.

All of the above targets are made available to Line Planner to guide and monitor line-by-line building of the ranges.


  • Financial Targets

    Plan sales, markdown, intake and net margin %, price and units.

  • Automatic Updates

    Populate actual and forecast data for two previous seasons.

  • Store Planning

    Plan sales, space, rate-of-sale using store attributes and donoring.

  • Store Grading

    Apply advanced banding algorithm to sales or space with manual override.

  • Range Structure

    Calculate width and depth using space, rate-of-sale or units per option.

  • Buying Targets

    Calculate the new season’s buy and pass to Line Planner to guide range selection.


  • Integrates product and store plans to ensure they are balanced and consistent.
  • No manual import or transfer of data, saving time and minimising errors.
  • Produces soundly-based targets that inform coherent range development.
  • Creates a plan that fully meets the company’s objectives.

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