What Is Range Reviewer?

Most modern retailers are data rich but information poor. Buyerplan Range Reviewer seeks to redress the balance by providing carefully targeted reports to support the range review process. Report production is achieved both quickly and effortlessly, leaving time to consider and discuss the results in advance of the review meeting, rather than just gathering the data up to the deadline.

Designed with input from experienced merchandisers, the reports assess seasonal history at all levels of the product hierarchy from company overview down to individual product line detail. Attribute and ranking reports mean you can look for problems and opportunities from all angles. Using both actual and forecast data, the result is a true view of performance leading to targets for the new season that will improve sales and profitability.


  • Financial Summaries

    Analyse sales and profit against both plan and previous seasons.

  • Departmental Summaries

    Compare performance of different product areas.

  • Stock-flow Analysis

    View sales, stock and intake by week to assess lost potential.

  • Attribute Analysis

    Assess ranges by standard and user-selected attributes.

  • Product Line Analysis

    Analyse individual product line performance by week.

  • Best Sellers

    Rank lines by sales, margin and key performance indicators


  • Easy access to all relevant data means less time preparing and more time to analyse.
  • The consistent report layouts lead to more efficient review meetings.
  • You can easily view performance from all angles so that no key factor is overlooked.
  • Learn all there is to learn from the past season and so improve the future plan.

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